1. Adding products

Adding products to KlipSee helps you save all your favourite products under one app.You can Klip products to KlipSee from anywhere you want.

  • Open KlipSee app and tap on the blue button
  • Create new collections where all your Klipped products can be seen
  • Add image of a product from your gallery
  • Scan barcode of a product using your phone camera

If you don't have a barcode scanner in your phone, then please download from here



Collections are where you see all your products saved on KlipSee. Once you have a collection you can Klip products from anywhere and save them categorically.

  • Open KlipSee app and tap the blue button
  • Select ‘New Collection’ and give a name to your collection
  • Klip interesting products to your collection


Adding products from any website or app is easy.

  • Tap on share when in a shopping app or website
  • Select KlipSee from the given sharing options
  • KlipSee will do the rest

4. Product Search across the web

4. Searching for products

Searching for products from the web enhances what you can do with KlipSee. KlipSee enables you to search for products from the internet and within your collections.

  • Open KlipSee app and tap on the magnifying glass icon on top
  • Type what you are looking for in the search area
  • Klip your finds to your collection

5. Date and Price Alerts

KlipSee reminds you when to buy the product or at what price to buy. Setting alerts on KlipSee ensures that you will never forget something that you needed to buy.

  • Open KlipSee app and go to the product you want to be reminded about
  • Set the Date or Price alert for the product
  • You can manage your alerts by tapping on the bell icon